Cannabis FAQs


You asked, we answered! We know what you’re thinking….gee, that’s a lot of questions down there! Yup, it sure is but this is something new for people so there are a lot of questions. Since we think knowledge is power, we’ve answered as many as possible. But we’re no Einsteins and we’re not very good mind readers so if you have a question we haven’t answered below, just sent us a message and let us know and we’ll be happy to answer it as best we can!

First things first: PER THE SMOKE FREE ILLINOIS ACT, THERE IS NO SMOKING IN ANY INDOOR PUBLIC SPACE ANYWHERE IN THE STATE.  THIS INCLUDES INSIDE THE MAIN HOUSE OR INSIDE THE POTTING SHED!  Rooms won’t smell like pot.  You won’t get a contact high.  And you won’t have to worry about failing a drug test since there’s NO SMOKING INSIDE ANYWHERE!  Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the fun stuff!

Can you smoke in The Potting Shed?

Nope! The Smoke Free Illinois Act prohibits smoking in any indoor public space.  You can vape inside (there are dry herb vaporizers for rent!) but if you light your herbs on fire, do that on the patio behind The Potting Shed, then chill inside.  Also, see the question below specifically regarding methods of consumption for more info.

Is everything going to smell like weed/smoke?

Since there is no smoking anywhere indoors (neither in the main house nor The Potting Shed) people and things won't likely be smelling like smoke.  The house won't smell like smoke for the same reason.  Granted, just like when guests smoke cigarettes, you may occasionally smell it but it will be a minimum.

I don't want to be around cannabis, why would I stay with you?

Ironically, by having a specific place for guests to consume, we keep weed from being consumed where it shouldn't be.  Don't forget, it's legal in all of Illinois, and while other properties may not allow it, that doesn't guarantee that people won't sneak.  Here, no one has to sneak meaning no one is inconvenienced.

What is 'Cannabis Friendly Lodging'?

Cannabis Friendly Lodging allows those guests who wish to consume cannabis to do so. All cannabis friendly lodging facilities are not created equal, so read on to see why we're the top choice!

Is Aldrich Guest House the only Cannabis Friendly Lodging in Galena?

We are the first and only cannabis friendly B&B in Illinois. And with the introduction of The Potting Shed, we are certain that even when others copy us, we'll have the most comfortable set up both for those who do and do not wish to consume.

Why did you decide to be Cannabis Friendly?

We treat cannabis like alcohol.  Some guests enjoy alcohol and some don't. No one is required or pressured to imbibe. Same with cannabis.  Just like making it comfortable for guests to enjoy alcohol responsibly, we make it easy, and comfortable for guests to consume cannabis responsibly and in a legal setting in The Potting Shed - just another fun amenity we provide for our guests!

So are you just for stoners now?

We're for everyone!  Our priority is, always has been, and always will be making sure that first and foremost we're a great bed and breakfast - we just happen to be cannabis friendly. We're still the great Aldrich Guest House you love and we have gone to great effort in creating The Potting Shed to make sure that there is room for everyone to enjoy their stay here.

If they're not 'stoners', then who are the guests consuming cannabis while there?

Stereotypes die hard...Young, old, novice, experienced, medical users, recreational users, parents, grandparents, and the list goes on. Many have possibly utilized cannabis for some time but you never knew because they had to keep it on the down low. You might be surprised at who enjoys cannabis and hey, you may even learn something from someone different from you.

Can guests consume cannabis anywhere at Aldrich Guest House?

Nope.  The Potting Shed is the only designated area for cannabis consumption.

What methods of consumption can I enjoy in The Potting Shed?

Let us count the ways!

You do you!  Edibles, dry herb vaping (our personal favorite method!), concentrates, tinctures, patches, capsules, sprays, drinks, and bath soaks are all welcome!  Well, maybe not bath soaks since there's no tub.

Smoke Free Illinois Act disclaimer: If you set your herb on fire, do that on the patio behind the Potting Shed then feel free to chill inside.

Do you provide equipment for vaping/smoking?

We got you!

We provide a selection of clean glass pipes, one-hitters, and wrapping papers. Additionally, dry herb vapes are available for rent.

Can you smoke cannabis or tobacco inside The Potting Shed?

You already know the answer...If you can't smoke weed in The Potting Shed, what makes you think you can smoke tobacco?  The Smoke Free Illinois Act does not allow indoor smoking of any kind in any public space in the entire state. Tobacco smoking is never allowed indoors anywhere at Aldrich Guest House.

Can anyone use The Potting Shed?

Only if you have a key!  Only guests of Aldrich Guest House are able to utilize The Potting Shed which will have its own key. If you make friends with anyone not staying here, tell them that next time they should stay with us.

Why do you have to be 21 years or older to stay at Aldrich Guest House?

Because we don't like kids. 

Actually, Illinois law makes it an offense to consume cannabis around anyone under the age of 21. To make sure that guests don't unintentionally break the law, all guests must be over the age of 21.

Plus, your kids want you to leave them alone for a few days.  Leave a pile of food and a bowl of water and they'll be just fine.

Do you sell cannabis to your guests?

There's no 'D' in B&B!  We are a bed and breakfast that happens to be cannabis friendly, not a dispensary. There is a Verilife dispensary just a 7-minute walk from Aldrich Guest House where you can make your purchases.

Aren't you worried about people being loud and rowdy or disprespectful?

Five drunks start a bar fight.  Five high people start a band.

We've been serving alcohol for almost as long as we've been here and have yet to encounter a problem from guests being loud, rude, or disrespectful and we fully expect cannabis to follow suit. Any problems will be dealt with appropriately regardless of the cause. Respect others, yourself, our neighbors, and us and all will be good!

Do you allow any drugs other than cannabis or alcohol?

If it's illegal, don't do it.  We have a zero tolerance policy for illicit drugs. Violation of this policy will result in your removal from the property by law enforcement without a refund.

I have more questions. What should I do?

Let us know!  This is new for everyone and we want to make sure that everyone is as educated as possible.  Knowledge is power!

Call us, email us, find us on social media and let us know if you have a question and we'll be excited to respond!

The last thing we want is for you to be worried or unsure or even worse - not visit us because of misinformation!

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