Douglas and Robert selfie in yellow fall trees

The Innkeepers

A lifetime of experience

We are the sixth owners of the Aldrich Guest House, which was one of the first Galena homes converted to a Bed and Breakfast in 1984. We both grew up in the Midwest – Douglas in Rushville, Indiana, and Robert in Monroe, Michigan. College and employment brought both of us to Chicago in 2003. After being partnered for 5 years we were married in February of 2012 with the legalization of equal marriage in Illinois. In 2010, both of us shifted our customer service careers to the lodging aspect of hospitality, a field we were both interested in for some time, and quickly became passionate about – Douglas at Starwood Properties and Robert at a Starwood Property then to a different lodging group where he was part of the team that elevated the property to one of only 80 Forbes 5 Star Hotels in the United States. Shortly after, we began making plans for our own bed and breakfast which we planned to open in Chicago until we fell in love with Galena. Coming to Galena was like coming home for us, with the perfect mix of the rural life we enjoyed growing up and the city life we grew to love in Chicago. We have enjoyed making Galena our home, where the friendliness of the locals creates a welcoming community feeling throughout the city for both visitors and residents alike. We are honored to share and curate the beautiful piece of history that is Aldrich Guest House. We fully believe in the idea that at Aldrich Guest House, you arrive as guests, and leave as friends.