Fall Drives

Two attractive men dressed in sweaters taking a selfie on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River in the fall

Fall Drives

The Roads Less Traveled…

Other than hiking, a slow drive can be one of the best ways to see the fall colors in the area.  Galena is beautiful all year long, but the fall has a certain anticipation to it.  It’s like a rest after the summer and a pause before the winter holidays all wrapped into one.  

Click on the buttons below to take you to the Google Map route.  It will be best to do this on your phone so that you get the actual ‘back roads’ way, otherwise, once on the Google Map click ‘send directions to my phone’. IMPORTANT: So that you get the backroads route, we’ve added multiple ‘interim destinations’ along the route.  This is to prevent Google from giving you the most efficient route…because who wants that?!  Just make sure that once you reach the ‘interim destination’ that your GPS starts you on the next leg.

****PLEASE NOTE: Some roads may be unimproved. Use your best judgment while driving to decide if your vehicle and road conditions are appropriate for the directions given!****

Taps for Potosi Beer

Potosi Brewery Potosi, WI

We serve their beer, they have great food, and if you take the back roads, you’re certain to see some beautiful hills and valleys full of gorgeous scenery. Bonus: This route takes you along the Mississippi River for a portion of the drive!

Apple River flowing near limestone bluff with green foliage

Apple River Canyon - Apple River, IL

For anyone that wants to mix a great drive with some excellent hiking, this is for you. Take the scenic route through the hills of Jo Daviess County both by car and by foot. Bonus: As your drive through Apple Canyon Lake, stop at the waterfall and get some great pics!

Two attractive men dressed in sweaters taking a selfie on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River in the fall

Mississippi Palisades - Hanover, IL

This route is going to bring you along the Mississippi River and end at a State Park with breathtaking views. The Palisades has some of the highest points in Illinois. The North Entrance leads to easier trails and the South one leads to more intermediate hikes. Bonus: You’ll pass Chestnut Mountain Resort on this route.  Stop there for more great Mississippi River views!

We’d love to be part of your well-deserved rest and relaxation this fall or any time you can get away! After all, if you’re not staying at Aldrich Guest House, you haven’t experienced the best Galena has to offer!

Robert and Douglas, Innkeepers