Fritz and Frites

Steak Frites at Fritz and Frites

Fritz and Frites


Ever wonder where we take our family and friends when they come to visit?  Our Favorite Restaurant: Fritz & Frites!  

Read on to see why Fritz & Frites always tops our list!

Having been in the hospitality/service industry for nearly half a century between the two of us, there are always a couple of questions that often receive. There are also certain questions that make us laugh a little bit – one of which is “Where should we eat?” which is a totally legit question! (And before we go any further, we want to clarify, we LOVE what we do and helping visitors have a great time both here at Aldrich Guest House, and in Galena at large – we’re just having a bit of fun here!) 

However, after so much experience, we often reply with a question of our own: “What kind of food/atmosphere are you in the mood for?” to which guests often respond: “Oh, we like anything, what’s your favorite?”  
Steak Frites at Fritz and Frites

Taking us to dinner?

This always makes us wonder in our head: “Are you offering to take us to dinner?” but out loud we respond “Is there anything you don’t like?” and that usually solicits either a simple “Nope, we really do like everything!” or a list of things they don’t like: “Well, we’re not too picky…but it has to be Gluten Free. And vegetarian. And farm to table. But not too fresh. And we prefer filling but not too much food. And we want the lighting to be soft but not too soft. And we want music, but it should come from the jazz era featuring a nice walking bass line.” and so on. Which also makes us laugh! (Again, please know, we’re having a little fun here and we very much enjoy accommodating all of our guest’s needs and dietary restrictions – we love the challenge!)

A little French, a little German

The menu at Fritz and Frites, much like the name would suggest, is split right down the middle: half German and half French. We’ve tasted pretty much everything on their menu either by ordering it, sampling some that a friend ordered, or licking the plates of other diners as they are taken away by the servers and it’s all fantastic!
Speaking of the servers, the service here really is the best, most knowledgeable, and most professional that you’ll find at a restaurant here in Galena. They know the menu inside and out, are great at making recommendations, and are more than happy to relay any dietary restrictions to the kitchen. And the kitchen just so happens to be where Fred, the owner and chef, holds court making the perfect cassoulet for a cold winter day or a deliciously thin wienerschnitzel and spaetzle to fill your dinner plate.

And we haven’t mentioned the wine and beer list yet – it’s extensive and varied to say the least! Not sure what to order? Your servers and Fred will combine their knowledge and make sure you have the perfectly paired beverage for your meal. Actually, that’s one of our favorite things to do there – we love to be ‘surprised’ by what they bring for us and we’ve never been disappointed!

Some of our favorites: Wienerschnitzel, rindsrouladen, salmon with lingonberries, pate, and the mussels. But then again, you really can’t go wrong!

A top notch chef!

We are extremely lucky to have such a fantastic restaurant in Galena that is owned and operated by someone who is passionate and genuine not only in his cooking, but also in making sure that each customer is well cared for and has a memorable dinner!

On your next visit to Galena, let us make reservations for you – they’re an intimate venue with about fifteen tables and can often fill, especially during the busy times. And if after savoring your dinner you have room for dessert, the marinated prunes are one of a kind…so either save room or take it to go!

We serve drinks every evening which are a great way to relax a little before dinner. Let us make reservations for you on your next visit so you can see firsthand why Fritz and Frites is our favorite restaurant!
Robert and Douglas, Innkeepers

Planning a visit to Galena, Illinois? Make your reservation with us now to experience what makes us the next generation of bed and breakfasts. Afterall, if you’re not staying at Aldrich Guest House, you haven’t experienced the best Galena has to offer!